Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Studio Tour!

My studio has pretty little knick-knacks all over; thought I would share a peek inside these walls.

I just installed these small zine shelves a week and a half ago (I recently ran out of room in my normal zine library space). So far my DIY project is holding up! The shelves themselves are made from the wooden dividers that came with my large antique lead-type tray. the zines are held up with grey and white Divine Twine baker's twine, and are supported by two vintage brass tacks on each side.
These are my packaging supplies - used mostly on outgoing Etsy orders, gift wrapped orders around the holidays, and making cute packaging for products to be sold at craft fairs like City of Craft events and Canzine. I am absolutely in love with these ceramic hedgehogs haha I rotate what they hold every so often; they're just too adorable for words.

Last weekend I took a break from illustrating for a few hours to embroider my bunhead onto fabric. I'd been thinking of doing so for a while - next time, if I embroider her again, I would definitely work larger!
Finally, my tiny cabin garland that I made for my stall at the Toronto Indie Arts Market. After I reconfigure the way I've designed them to hang off the twine, I think I will print more of them.

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