Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Holidays Card


I really need to start working on my pieces for an upcoming show at the Gladstone. Yet the size of this panel daunts me! I need to start I need to start I need to start ...

Zine Preview: Hospital Zine

This is slowly coming along. Maybe by next Canzine it will be ready lol. The illustrations were begun in May and then set aside until the end of November. I've finally started in on the text for it! Eventually, it will be done :)

New Bunhead Pins

Here's a couple new Bunhead pins!


Hand-painted feather stickers and Bunhead stickers!


Leaf & Berry Earrings and some more experimental pieces (trying to work with different materials, those being coloured yarn, silk threads, vintage fabrics, twill tape and twine).

Image Transfer Experimentation

Thanks Kelly ( )! For showing me how to do this. For some reason this process has long mystified me but it turned out to be pretty easy (and very fun!).

I can't post the other image transfer pieces until after Christmas, but here is my test one, with my logo. In my excitement I put my image on sideways, leaving an awkward bit of negative space on the side. Fortunately Kelly had the genius idea to add a speech bubble! I think it's cute :)

Oh! Yes, there are sparkles on it. I was in Aboveground the other day and picked up some new glitter acrylic gouache (made by Turner). It's a bit addictive. I have to resist putting sparkles on everything now.

Holiday Time

Finally caught up on sleep! And what a difference sleep makes; I'm astonished, really, at how much I have accomplished in the past week by just being rested. I feel like I have been more productive these past couple days than I have been all semester haha.

I haven't really been doing much illustration though! I've made several batches of hand-painted stickers (see merch section), done a lot of jewelry making (6 necklaces, 3 bracelets, and 19 pairs of earrings), experimented with image-transferring onto wood panels ... 4 miniature paintings ... one sewn and embroidered tooth-shaped plush toy for a friend ... started working on some text for a zine I hope to finish, eventually lol ... and illustrated a holiday card!

Now to stop procrastinating on what I really have to do! Start (and finish) some pieces for a show, upcoming in January, at the Gladstone. :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Freedom Soon!

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry!

I haven't posted anything new in close to a month. I will soon! My last class thesis class ... actually last class ... of the semester is this Tuesday. I can't wait for the holiday break!

I'll post up the remaining work from the semester.

I will also post up a zine in progress which I've been working on-and-off on since May! It's getting there! All of the art is pretty much done. Now onto the text, the printing, and the hand binding!

I'll be updating my Merch section as well - posting the zines and buttons I currently have in stock. Newly -made bunhead stickers will be posted .... and there's something else that's new and cute coming to the Merch section too! So keep on checking! ;)

I will also be posting some holiday stuff. Illustrated cards, wrapping papers, gift tags, etc! Exciting!

I'll be back.
- Em