Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paper Hoarding

A lot of us do it. We have those few special papers that we can't bring ourselves to waste on some mundane craft, so we hoard them away, awaiting a special project. I thought I would share a few of my most prized sheets - with floral patterns, of course!
Two of them are Cath Kidston's - if you aren't familiar with her work she is well worth the quick google search to look her up! Beautiful work with surface design, heavy floral focus. Gorgeous. I picked these up in London last fall and have been eying them for months, saving them for some book binding projects I have planned. I think they are destined to be the inner papers on the hardcover books. Bonus with Kidston's papers: they're all double-sided!
The next is one of Liberty of London's patterns. I also picked this up last fall in London, in the Liberty of London store. Their stationary section is drool-worthy, full of coveted treasures. These papers were a bit pricey, but as you cannot find them here in Canada, I sprung for three huge sheets. They will probably be saved for a book binding project as well. I can't bear the idea of them getting torn up as wrapping paper.
Last but not least, these beautiful Florentine floral papers from Toronto's own The Paper Place. An amazing store, carrying stunning papers unique and hard-to-find stationary accessories. They have all of the beautiful small brands, like NYC's Knot&Bow (adorable gold foil heart stickers), baker's twine in an eye-dazzling array of colours, Japan's MT wash tape (want them all) and shaped paper clips (I didn't even need paper clips but I bought a box of the squirrel-shaped ones...and never regretted it!). 

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